You are planning to study abroad. What do you think you will like and dislike about this experience? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

One of my dreams is to study abroad for a master program in an important university in Europe. Despite, I am aware that this kind of experience has certain advantages and disadvantages. People who have lived this kind of stage in life always says that it teaches a lot taking into account the best and worst moments. I can mention that I would like to live this kind of experience. Firstly, people always mention that this kind of experience helps them to get to know new people from diverse cultures, obtain new technical skills and become more independent. As we can notice, studying in another country can help to develop social skills. Moreover, living alone in foreign country helps them to be more independent because they are going to have to solve daily problems for themselves such as making laundry, cooking and cleaning up. For example, I think that if I had the opportunity of studying in a country from Europe, I would learn more about the most technological solutions applied in certain fields as retail and I would meet with people from others continents. In the other hand, studying in another country has some disadvantages like cooking everyday, having to work in some part-time job to get some money for paying bills and doing chores at home by myself. For instance, I don´t use to clean my bedroom or cooking even I could say I don´t know cooking , for that reason, in a first stage , living in a foreign country can be a little difficult. In conclusion, taking into account the reasons mentioned before, I could say that I would like to study abroad, I think that in this kind of experience a person can learn more social and technical skills which are going to improve their performance in future situations.
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