The college years are the best time in persons´s life

At the present time, when a teen chooses to study an undergraduate program in a college, he or she is making one of the most important decisions in the life. College years imply s a lot of aspects which make special this stage such as choosing a major field to find your purpose of life, getting to know new people and setting future goals. For these reasons, I agree that the years at college are the best time for any person. In the first place, there are a lot of careers at colleges and they are related to diverse major fields, this diversity of options can give the opportunity of better futures for youngsters who since they start to study a new major field, they do it with the goal of finding their purpose of life. During this path, they have to be aware of two things: there is going to be highs and lows in which they will learn from both sides and finally, they should always recall to enjoy the process of finding their own paths. Secondly, many people say that during college years they got to know the best people that they´ve ever known and that happens because they spend a lot of time in classes and breaks with these "new people" on the same place every day for at least 4 years. Consequently, you share enjoyable experiences like parties and trips with them. For instance, I could say that I knew my actual best friends on college, I always remember with joy all the moments we shared like parties, classes even fights In the third place, during college years you start to set your future goals, some of them are related to your personal interests or new paths that you would like to take in. Moreover, you start to figure out about a desirable future job, applying a master degree or specialization even in a new field which could be totally different from your initial career. Given these points, I acknowledge that college years are the best time for any person. This stage of life is the most enjoyable years.
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