Many people believe that it is very important to make large amounts of money, while others are satisfied to earn a comfortable living

One of the most crucial decisions when a person starts to work is choosing how much money he wants or expects to earn during his life. This decision defines the kind of job or company he is going to look for during his different stages of life. In this way, there are two choices: looking for earning large amounts of money or being satisfied with a comfortable living. In my opinion, each option has advantages and disadvantages which depend on what kind of living the worker wishes for him and his family. First of all, as I mentioned the decision basically depends on the style of living the person wants. When a person makes a lot of money, he can afford an expensive life like vacations on exotic places, owning the most modern electronic devices or having a nice house in the most expensive neighborhoods. In the other hand, choosing a comfortable living because of earning a normal salary can cause that a person lives with a limited budget and bills to pay, in other words, this option can generate more stress than that of the first one. Secondly, another factors to take in account are the freedom and the balance that a person wishes for his life. For instance, being satisfied earning a comfortable living can imply a more balanced life because he doesn´t need to spend a lot of time at work trying to accomplish big goals such as a manager does with a lot of stress or anxiety, in that way he can enjoy spending more time with family, having a healthy life and more time for doing things he loves. In the other side, people who are focusing in making a lot of money usually spend a lot of time at work even out of work schedule, it can affect his health and social relationships. In conclusion, I prefer to be satisfied earning a comfortable living because I believe that keeping a balanced life is the key for having a better and happier life.
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