Summarize the main points in the lecture, and then explain how they cast doubt on the ideas in the reading passage.

The announcement talks about the factors needed for an urban forest plan, they consist in three points: a strong law to give support for protecting the actual forest, promoting the maintenance and conservation of trees and an effective marketing campaign. However, the woman explains that these initiatives would be ineffective and fail whether they were applied. Firstly, as the woman said trying to apply a legislation to protect the actual forest would fail because before there were same kind of initiatives of proposal laws which were too complex indicating too many rules and finally they didn´t have a positive effect. As a result, people usually broke the law. Secondly, allocating public budgets and asking for private donors could be some initiatives for the maintenance and conservation of urban forest. Nonetheless, taking previous experiences as example, these actions usually turn into an increase of taxes for citizens. Moreover, only 18% of the funds are from private funds, being a small fraction of the forecasted budget. Thirdly, promoting a public campaign looking for raising awareness the citizens and business about the importance of urban forests has to be very focalized on the impact of having this kinds of place in a urban city and how the life of people can improve, maybe in that way people would be more willing to support the initiative
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