Your local government has recently received a large donation from anonymous donor to improve the community. Almost everyone agree that the money should be invested in building new public facility. Which of the following do you think your local government should build? Build a public library, Public park and public pool

Personally, I do believe that having a library would be the main way to build, not just a location where people can use it, but where someone can use it as a method of fun, pass the time and at the same time earing background. Having a donation could mean having a certain area that people can use whether for amusement or work. In my point of view, having the money necessary to invest it in a public facility where everyone can use it as pleasure would be a library. As an example, when I was seven years old, I was curious about books of how it would be read them and have fun with them, it wasn't until two years later when the country gained generous money from another land, and In the end could read all the books and novels I wanted. A library could give anyone knowledge and understanding, where the neighbors could enjoy a good time. A library it's not only about books and comics, but earn about having an open mind, and helping to be a more comprehensible person. A book can give you the information and materials in life. As an illustration, years ago when my brother had a task about planets, he would struggle due to not having training enough to know about the Galaxy, he went to the library nearby because he knew he would find the correct answer there. Having a bit more of knowing about things could be an excellent thing to do and one of the best places to do that will be a library. In conclusion, assisting people having an enjoyable hour reading a book, making your mentality absorb more intelligence every day since little, will give you a clearer judgment.
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