Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Teachers were more appreciated and valued by society in the past than they are nowadays.

It is important to know that a professor has to be respected in all senses. In my opinion, I think that before the teachers were more strict than they are nowadays, the student's parents were more unable to let know the professors that they were the mayor and the top person there to put straight their children. Firstly of all years ago, the value of learning was more correct and unique the instructor was tougher. These days in society being a person who teaches someone else is more practical and softer. For example, my social educator was slow, soft,and able to leave the room when he feels like it and he would say that those days were the lecturer was gold was better. I think it does not matter when society thinks the professors were more able to be appreciated or even recognizable. Being a person who can teach people to learn about something shouldn't be less cherished, they are people that can help you build your future for good. Secondly nowadays could be harder for students to be concentred and fuced thanks to technology, but that doesn't mean the fauls or the mistakes of the students would be for the teachers, they have to be valuable for the job that they are doing no matter if it was before or even now. as an example my language coach, she has twenty-five years old and she is sure that the professors can be tougher or softer depending on their personality, it could be a while ago or nowadays, but they have to the respectful and loved for civilization. my point of view is exactly like hers, I think they have to be loved by others. as an illustration, people could be strict or not, but they are assistants and they have to be cheeriest by people and society no matter before or now, they gotta be cherished even by their students.
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