Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? it is more important to keep your old friends than it is to make new friends.

Throughout history, Friendship is a strong relationship between two individuals in which both individuals feel an overwhelming amount of respect and affection for the other. Now there have been a variety of viewpoints as to whether individuals should continue their Friendship with their old friends or expand their contact and make new friends to old their affairs meaningful, fulfilling, and exciting. While both views have valid points of view, I believe the latter perspective bears more weight. In the next paragraph, I will discuss some salient points that motivate me to take that view. The first aspect of the current discussion that comes to my mind is that there has been a close bond between our old friends and us, which means old friends have always been together all time, whether in severe and intolerable or in happy moments. For instance, an unpleasant thing happened to us, and we cannot tell it our family or another person. in this situation, the only ones who come to our mind to help us are the old friends, because we have deep relationships, not only with our family members but also with old friends. Therefore, old friends can help us in various situations in our life. The second reason to my mind is trust. We know trust is the most striking feature and one of the fundamental keys to any communication. Also, life places us in a complex web of relationships with other people, and we always have sought individuals between them who can be trusted. Still, trust cannot gain immediately, and it takes a long time to build between two people. So, our old friends whom we trust can help us better than others. To sum up, according to the above statement, we should keep and consolidate our link with our old friends, because they are the closest person in the light emotional and spiritual to us and we can trust them after our family.
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