Do you agree that all students should take history courses in universities?

The question is whether make students to study history at university or not. Some universities make history courses obligatory for all students. In my view, universities should not make their students study history for many reasons. I will explore two reasons in next paragraphs. To begin with, some students are not interested in studying history, and it may have negative impact on their GPA. Thus, if their major is not related to history, it is not necessary to obligate them to take its course. Let me explain it using an example of myself. As a medical student, I did not need to know details of the history of our country, in addition I am not interested to study it. As a result, my grade in the history exam was significantly less than my other grades. Consequently, this course affected my GPA negatively. In sum, if taking the history course was not an obligation, I would end up with better marks. Furthermore, some majors require students to more focus on their major courses. Hence, students need extra time to learn and practice their subjects. In this way, they do not have time for extra courses like history, which wastes their efficient time. For instance, we had a lot of essential subjects that we need to learn profoundly. Indeed, we had to prioritize our subjects by their importance. Therefore, history was one of those courses that we often gave less priority to. As a result, it just wasted our time. If we did not have to take thehistory course, we had more time for our important subjects. In summary, in my opinion universities should not make their students take history course, because some of them are not interested in it, and some majors need more concentration on their essential courses. I suggest to the universities that it is better to give students some options for a voluntary course.
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