Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In order to be well-informed, a person must get information from many different news resources.

Nowadays, as a result of technological developments, it has become easier to be informed. However, some people believe although there are many resources to get news, it still is hard to be well-informed. Some others hold a negative position on this statement. In my view, although there is too information accessible about every topic, finding the true ones is not so easy. I will explore two reasons in the next paragraphs. First, some resources report false news. Companies and politicians are good examples of informing people in favor of themselves. For example, in a recent war between Russia and Ukraine, Russian politicians tend to publish some news to convince people around the world that their attack is not against human rights, while lots of pictures are published on the internet that proves their claim is not true. Therefore, if people just read a particular newspaper, or just view one web page, their information might be just against reality. Second, some resources may report only a piece of information. Let me illustrate it using an example. It is common among scientific journals, to report the results of a study in favor of a company. For example, they write more about the benefits of a specific drug. Despite their information is not wrong, it is not everything. They might not report or write a little about the drug's side effects. If someone wants to know facts about a particular drug, he/she should read a lot of articles about it. In this way, people can claim they are well-informed about that topic. In summary, since there are lots of resources about a particular topic, and most of them are false or altered, it is better to use lots of resources to get complete and true information.
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