Do you agree with remaining happy and optimistic even if you fail?

It is a debated question of most people whether to remain happy and optimistic or give up in the case of being failed. Some people believe that it is better to do not give up and continue your work till reaching your goals, others hold a negative point of view. In my opinion, it depends on the situation and one's personality, but as a general opinion, I believe that neither an optimistic nor pessimistic attitude is not working, the best attitude is to have a realistic view. I will explore my reasons in the next paragraphs. First, being optimistic may waste our resources. If we neglect our failures and just think about our accomplishments, we will not progress. The first step in the progression is accepting and evaluating our weaknesses. For example, my sister says I hold a positive view of my life, and I do not want to think about my failures. Unfortunately, she does not accept her weak points in her job. As a result, she not only did not make any improvement in her job but also her permanent weaknesses caused her to be lost in competition with others. Therefore, just being an optimist is not working. On the other hand, if we do not see our power points, and do not continue our path, we will lose our time and resources, too. Being failed in the first steps is natural, and it happens to everyone. If we lose our confidence after each failure, we can not use our experiences. For instance, I did badly in my first TOEFL exam, after that,I analyzed my weaknesses and also my power points. I understood that I was well in the listening and reading part, but I need more practice in the rest parts. If I did not notice that I did excellent in the listening part, I might waste my time practicing each part equally, but I gave the most of my time empowering my speaking and writing. Thus, I succeeded in the next TOEFL. In summary, I believe that holding a realistic point of view works better. In this way, we accept our weaknesses and improve them and enhance our talents.
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