Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In order to be well-informed, a person must get information from many different news resources.

In this day and age there are a lot of advertisement strategies used by marketers to make the products seem as good as possible. Of course, what we see in advertisements does not always meet the reality. And obviously, the things are overrated in ads, so that people will believe that the product is superior. Although, telling a lie to the public is not good, but it's the base of advertising. I personally don't blame the advertisers for what they do since it's their job, but still I do agree that most of the advertisements make products seem way better than they really are. In this essay I will provide reasons and examples to support my position. The image shown in the advertising video or post,is not always shot in real life but made in different graphic design apps. By the use of such applications the products appear so modern and well designed. Sadly, most of the time they seem that way only on the videos. A person sees a product online, orders it and gets a totally different thing, that doesn't look and work the way it has to. To illustrate this situation I will tell my friend's story. She saw a video of a knife collection. The ad was showing how well that line's knives cut. Moreover, they look so good and comfortable to use. She was so satisfied about what she saw, and ordered the collection. When she finally had her order arrived she was so dissapointed, as the knives she got were so different from the ones she saw in the video, both because of the way they looked and the quality. So, what we see in the advertisements is not always true. Not only what's seen is a lie but also what we do hear there. It's so popular to use the advertising strategy of repetitions. The concept of the strategy is to repeat the concrete phrase, which apparently compliments the product. The wording is so appealing, so it hypnotizes the ones who watch the ad. As a result, people believe in the phrases used in the announcement, get the product and again find themselves deceived. A good example showing how true such situation can be is a story from my life. Once I saw a post about how delicious the food in the mentioned cafeteria is. The people from the video were repeating the phrase "Mmm, so delicious!!" during whole the video. I went to that restaurant, tried the same food that was represented in the ad, but it wasn't as yummy as it could seem from the post. I was so dissapointed. To sum up, the items represented in advertisements mostly seem much better than they really are. The clear proof is our everyday life experiences when we see something and hear good reviews on it we believe it's good, but when we get the product we feel displeased.
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