Do you agree or disagree with the following statement : Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship between people .

Being faithful is one of the most important moral values. people respect truthful individuals among them. However, sometimes it may hurt relationships or individuals. In my view, we should try to be trustworthy as much as possible, but not always. Therefore, I hold both sides, let me explore my reasons in the following paragraphs. First, telling the truth can enhance our reliability. If we tell the truth in our relationships from our work to our emotional relationships, people will more rely on our promises, and they will take us seriously. For instance, in the clinic where I work there, one of the nurses often tells us imaginary stories about others. As a result, all of us know that her stories are not true, and do not take her speaking much seriously. Hence, telling the truth can improve our relationships at work. On the other hand, in some situations, telling the truth may alter other important moral values, like keeping one's secrets. Let me illustrate it using an example of myself, as a medical doctor, keeping patients' secrets is a high priority value for me. Once, a young man came to my office. My first diagnosis of his condition was sexually transmitted disease, his mother was there next to him. So, I asked her to go out of my room and I talked to im in private. Afterward, his mother asked me about the diagnosis, I told her it is a simple urinary tract infection. In this situation, keeping his secret was my priority. Therefore, in some situations,we should prioritize our values, not just tell the truth. In summary, In my opinion, although telling the truth is good because it enhances our reliability in our relationships, sometimes it alters our more important values, like loyalty. In my view, telling the truth is good but not always.
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