Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Would you prefer to take courses taught by professors with whom you have already had other classes during your past years of study, or would you prefer to take courses with professors whose classes you have never taken before? Why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Be sure to use your own words. Do not use memorized examples.

People have more productive interactions when they are familiar with each other, and it is more prominent in the case of education. The learning process occurs through a kind of communication. Therefore, students at the beginning of each course spend noticeable energy becoming familiar with each professor in order to make a fruitful relationship. So, the answer to the question is obvious, I would rather take courses with professors that I am already familiar with. I will explore two reasons in the following paragraphs. First, students are more relaxed in the courses with familiar professors. Stress is a natural response of our body in unfamiliar situations. Although sometimes it is important, ‌in the case of learning being stressed alters the learning process, and wastes a lot of our time and energy. Let me illustrate it using an example of myself. I know from my previous experiences, that at the beginning of communication with unfamiliar people I usually become stressed. Unfortunately, this morbid anxiety declines my productivity considerably. However, for some courses like Epidemiology, where I chose a familiar professor, I was very relaxed, and the result was significantly better. Hence, I naturally learned to choose familiar professors rather than new ones. Second, people tend to learn better if they enjoy learning. With more familiar professors, we have spent a lot of time. Therefore, we are like friends and have some fun during the course. For instance, my immunology professor is like one of my friends, and I chose him for the other possible courses as well. As a result, I did well in those courses. So, taking courses with familiar professors can enhance our productivity by providing us with more joy. In conclusion, taking courses with familiar professors can enhance our learning by making us more relaxed, and providing us with more joy. Therefore, it is obvious that taking courses with the professors that I know from previous courses is a better choice. I recommend students to do so if they have good experience with some professors.
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