Do you agree with remaining happy and optimistic even if you fail?

Success comes after several efforts and failures. Each failure teaches us a lesson that helps us in the future to success. Despite others' opinion in my point of view, it is more important to remain happy and optimistic when we fail. I will explain two good reasons for my opinion The first reason is that when I am happy and optimistic despite that I experienced failure, I will remain motivated. I will have hope for success. I will try harder to achieve my goal and as a result, the chance of being successful will rise. For example, I remember when I was 18 years old. I was trying to become a medical student. I studied hard. However, I failed 2 times. I felt hopeless and stopped studying. After several months, I talked to a mental therapist. I gained my motivation and I tried to stay happy and optimistic. Guess what? I am a general physician now. The third time worked just because I was happy and had hopes that I would achieve my goal. The second reason is that researchers showed that people who had a good mood while working succeeded more than people who worked while they were sad and hopeless. Working with good feelings will result in working more efficiently. For example, 5 years ago at university we had a course called toxicology. This course was very hard. Every student failed this course at least one time. Every student was scared of failing even before taking the test. . However, I tried to stay positive and be optimistic about the test. I studied very well and I passed. However, other students just complained and stayed in negative status toward the test. Therefore, they did not study efficiently and they failed. In conclusion, I think people that remain happy and optimistic when they fail are more successful in the long term. These people have hope and motivation to work harder and stronger and that will guarantee their success. Moreover, these happy optimistic people will work more efficiently in order to achieve their goal.
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