Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is often not a good thing for people to move to a new town or country because they lose their old friends.

Nowadays, a lot of people move from their cities and even their countries to a new city or country to fulfill their needs and reach their goals. Fear of losing friends is one of the important issues that most of the immigrants think about before moving. Some people believe that to maintain their friendship, it is better for people to stay in their place, some others disagree with this point. In my view, although it is an important issue, and people should consider it in their deceision, immigration is not always lead to losing friendships, and not all people should stay in their place despite of its limitations. I will explore two important reasons for my view in the following paragraphs. First, people can broaden their horizon. It is true that in the early months of immigration, immigrants encounter a lot of difficulties such as finding new friends to communicate with, but after a few months in addition to finding some friends, they gradually become familiar with new cutures and can reassess their previous believes. For example, my friend Farnam and her husband have immigrated last year. in the fiest months, they felt lonely and became homesick, but they gradually adapted to their new country. They made some valuable friendships, and spent their holydays with them. In this our country homosexual people are treated negatively, but as a result of more freedom in their new country, they also communicated well with a homosexual couple. Therefore, people can broaden their horizons and make new friendships.
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