1) Do you agree or disagree with the following statement : Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship between people .

Nowadays , some may hold the opinion that honesty is a significant factor in any relationship, but others have a negative attitude . If I were asked to choose, I will definitely opt for telling the truth is the most important thing in any relationship between people . Feel this way for two main reasons, and I will develop this idea in the subsequent paragraphs . To begin with , telling the truth helps us to make a strong and healthy relationship. Obviously , when you are always honest with people , they will receive a positive message that they can trust you and the things you say . As a result , your relationship with them will be strengthened incredibly . In contrast , lying on people leads them to lose their confidence in you . I have to admit that my opinion in this matter has profoundly influenced by my own experience. When I was a student at university, I had a great relationship with my friend Ahmed . We were always doing our assignments together , hanging out together and living together in campus. One day, my friend Ahmed asked me to borrow him some money , and I answered him that I have no money . Surprisingly , he found out that I lied about him and that made him so frustrated. Consequently , he left me and he did not want to talk to me anymore. If I had not lied on my friend , I would not have lost him . This example clearly illustrates the benefits of the honesty in relationships . Secondly , dishonesty can cause serious consequences to us . Evidently , when we lie about something , we will lie again and again to cover our first lie . Additionally , telling the wrong information to our friends or families leads us to lose our reputation between people and Thus we put ourselves in serious problems . My own history is a compelling evidence of this . When I was a high school student , I received a really low grade in my class . I was afraid to tell my parents that , so I lied on them and I told them that I am one of the best students in my class . However , my parents discovered that I was laying on them , so they gave me harsh punishments and I lost their interests and care . If I had told them the truth , I would not have found myself in such a terrible situation. This example demonstrates the benefits of telling the truth in any relationship. In Conclusion , I strongly believe that honesty is an important part in any relationship between people . This is not only because it helps us to build a strong relationship , but also it leads us to avoid serious situations of lying .
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