Your local government has recently received a large donation from anonymous donor to improve the community. Almost everyone agree that the money should be invested in building new public facility. Which of the following do you think your local government should build? Build a public library, Public park and public pool

No one can deny the impact of library on our society. While some people feel that there are enough libraries in society, other believes that more should be built to cater the needs of people. I personally believe that the money should be spent on building more libraries for number of reasons, and I will develop this idea in the subsequent paragraphs. First of all, library is a place where we can unwind all our worries and stresses of life. Nowadays, people easily get frustrated and agitated with their life and they need to have more places to calm themselves. In fact, if we weigh number of public libraries against entertainment centers in our society, the later will take the vote. My idea on this topic is profoundly influenced by my own experience. Recently, I went to capital city to attend some of my personal work but most of it remained unfulfilled. With all worries and frustration, I searched for a library to compose myself but in vain. I went around every nook and corner, yet all I could find was cafes and karaoke. As a result, I landed up wasting my time searching for it. Secondly, reading habit is very crucial for our youth. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s future. Directing our youth towards reading will enhance their knowledge and creativity. Moreover, social issues like addiction and crime rates will decrease, consequently making them the responsible human being. All these will only be possible if government utilize the money in constructing new libraries. For instance, when my brother was in high school, he used to hang out with his friends and drink alcohol, which diverted his attention from studies. Since his school was a private school library facility was not there. Later, the school constructed a library and encouraged its student to read. My brother started reading books and all his time was spent in school library. Accordingly, his indulgence in alcohol stopped completely and his outlook towards life became more positive. In light with the above mentioned reasons, I strongly believe that Government should use the fund to build a community library. This is because to create a serene place to comfort ourselves and make our youths a good human being.
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