Today, many employers are looking for various sources of information to understand job applicants better. Which is the best way for the employers to better know the situation of a job applicant? Contacting previous employers; checking the job applicant's profile on the social platform; one month's probation.

Employees are the greatest asset for a company. They have to consider complex variables when deciding to select a firm. However, employers adopt disparate techniques to engage the best available employee, such as contacting the previous employer, scanning through a resume or keeping the trainee for a month’s probation. It is my firm belief that a month trial can be suitable to understand the job applicant. I feel this way for the following reasons explained below. First of all, observing the worker for a month helps reduce the risk as a manager. Evidently, noticing personnel gives an insight into his key attributes like hard work, professionalism and productivity. Consequently, both the trainer and trainee find the suitability for the workplace. This is best exemplified by my personal example. I hired a dental assistant once for my clinic in the United States. Because an ex-employee referred him to me, I believed the person to be professional. Soon, I observed that he was not keen on working. He preferred coming late to the office and kept procrastinating work. Not only did he seem disinterested, but also he showed no respect. If I did not hire him on probation, I would have been disappointed by my decision. Second, hiring an employee for a month can save some money. Certainly, human resources offer a low stipend on probation. It is probable that if the employer does not find the applicant worthy, he will not lose a large sum. For instance, my flatmate went job hunting recently. Since she was a fresh graduate, the corporation put her on a month-long training. Additionally, she received a basic amount for being trained. After a few days of work, the job did not interest her, and she planned to quit. Thereby, this decision did not hurt the company or my roommate as it was a mutual agreement. If the organization paid her a handsome amount, they would have been at a loss. To recapitulate, I am of the opinion, an employee should be kept on observation before finalizing a job. Although it may seem to be a lengthy process, it is worth it.
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