Schools should reduce the clases of art and music?

The reading and the lecture are both about the decision of reducing the classes of art and music in elementary schools. While the author of the reading argues that there are several reasons that support this decision, the lecturer claims that these reasons are not completely true. According to the reading, Music and Art are not important subjects because they are not evaluated in standardized exams. The article mentions that schools will add more hours of classes for subjects that are part of National exams for students. This argument is challenged by the lecturer. He claims that these courses help students to perform better in other subjects, he adds that creating new music cause students become more creative which is helpful to solve problems. Secondly, the author suggests that schools, which focused on core subjects such as math and science, will improve the skills that students need to get better jobs with high payments. The professor, however, asserts that music and art skills are required for many jobs with high wages such as audio production, video producer, and graphic design. Finally, the author claims that the costs of these courses are really expensive because schools have to buy music equipment for students. The lecturer refutes this statement by pointing out that instruments used in music class usually are second-hand hand equipment and students usually have to bring their own instruments. He states that school spends more money on the instruments required by classes of science.
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