It is more important to keep your old friends than it is to make new friends.

In your life you will meet a lot of people, but how many of them you can consider friends. To build a friendship you will need time. That is why I think that it is more important to keep your old friends. In the following paragraphs, I will explain why I feel this way. To begin with, old friends are people who have shared many years of their lives with you, they know what things make you happy and what things make you sad. Great old friends are not so easy to find, you and your old friends have overcome many difficult situations together, they have shown you that you can trust on them, so why you would take the risk to lose contact with them. For instance, when I was a kid I only had one friend, we face together many difficult experiences, I was with him when his father died, and he helped me to overcome the death of my grandfather. Even though we went to different universities, we were able to keep our friendship. On the other hand, nowadays, people do not tend to build strong relationships because they need time to do it, but they do not want to invest this time in a friendship that would not last too much time. My personal experience is a great illustration of it. Last year I worked in a mining company, there I had to work with several people of different ages. In that company I met one person who become in a good friend to me, we usually helped each other in our assignments. We went to play soccer every weekend. It looked like our friendship will last for many years. Unfortunately, I had to leave my work in December, so we started to lose contact. Now, we hardly ever speak, I know he is a great person but I only knew him for 6 months, so the relationship I created with him was not so strong. In conclusion, I strongly believe that it is better to keep your old friends. I think this because an old friend is a person who you can count on him when you face problems. On the contrary, new friends are not so reliable, you do not if you will still be friends with the passing of the years.
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