Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Overall, the widespread use of the internet has a mostly positive effect on life in today’s world.

There is an argument between people about the various use of the internet can affect on people's life. While some people say it has positive influence on our life, others believe it affects our life in a ad way. In my opinion the usage of internet has too effects on human life. Some reasons are opined as positive effects of internet in our life with people who agree with varying internet in all aspects of daily life. Firstly, by using internet as an infrastructure to do works in the city, air pollution is decreased that caused by reducing traffic and using cars. Also using internet-based technologies instead of paper needs less paper can cause fewer cutting trees. As the second reason, by using internet people can manage all they works entirely without contradiction to another one means all organization can do their stuff without any problem. For example,all trains can be organized without any chance to occur an ccident between them. On the other hand, some people including me oppose using internet in all aspects of our life. For the first and the most important reason, they believe if we use internet on any situation without being in relation to each other, human being would be affected by this monopoly and human values would be destructed after a while. Another reason is about the afety of our information. The companies who are organizing our internet collect all our information such as our addresses, our data about our family, and the most important information about our beliefs and our biological features which can be very dangerous because it might be used to making a weapon that can cause intrinsic hurts to us. In conclusion, both sides of the effect of widespread usage of internet discussed. Therefore the internet makes the life better and more handy for us, I think we should restrict our usage to respect to human beings which has forgotten in modern life.
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