students do not respect teachers as much as they did in the past.

No one can deny the importance of respecting teachers by the students. While some people believe that students of past thought highly of their tutors compared to today, others think that it is similar. For me personally, I feel that students no longer think highly of their teachers for number of reasons, which i will explore in the subsequent paragraphs. First of all, learners are not exhibiting any regard for their teacher today, because they are brought up this way. As a saying goes, “education begins from home", parents should teach their children such values. Yet, they are busy with their work and rarely spend time with their offspring. Eventually, the young minds pick up habits that are out of our norms. This is best demonstrated by my own experience. When I was studying, I had a classmate, whose parents are into business. Their importance was placed completely on the business and never had time for their son. As a result, he was always grumpy towards teachers and rarely listens to them. If they had given enough time to their child, he would have learnt to respect teacher. Secondly, rapid development of our country can be blamed for student’s negative behaviors towards teachers. Social media has big role to play in grooming children. In fact, behaviors like acting out on teachers and disrespecting in the classroom is glorified in most of the television shows. Consequently, misconduct of student in the class is normalized. For instance, when I was at high school, a group of boys disrupted class and never do their work. Their behavior towards the teachers remained the mystery. Later, we came to know that they watched a movie together and wanted to act like be like the villain. If they had not watched the movie, they would not certainly showcase this kind of conduct. In light of the above mentioned reason, children hardly listen to teacher compared to the past. This is because of way of parenting and new technologies.
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