Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on specific points made in the reading passage

The article and the lecturer discuss about deforestation, which is the practice of cutting huge amount of trees.The author claims that there are many benefits to deforestation.The lecturer disagrees and he attacks each point made by the author one by one. Firstly, the author says that deforestation can create an abundance of farmland to grow crops and rear livestock.As the population of the world is increasing, it will be helpful to produce enough food for everyone.The author on the other hand, disagrees by saying that huge amount of trees do not have to be cut just to grow crops, there are other ways to grow them.He goes on to say that technology should be used to create and preserve more resources, not to destroy them in shorter spans of time. New technology has enabled crops to be grown without soil. Secondly, the author says that more number of housing space can be created with the help of deforestation.As discussed before, the population of the world is increasing, so more housing infrastructure is needed to cater to the growing population.Although the short term prosperity for such an approach is visible, the lecturer posits that the long term consequences should also be taken into account, which is adverse.Deforestation causes displacement of habitat of wildlife living rainforests.Also, 28 percent of oxygen requirement of the world comes from rainforests, which is a significant amount, so it also should not be ignored as oxygen is essential for many life forms. Finally, the author says that the wood cutting industry has helped people in countries like Thailand and Brazil to create employment for a huge number of people.The rising demand of paper, furniture and lumber in the world has made such employment possible, which helps out a huge number of people.The lecturer disagrees, saying that such wood cutting employment happening in these countries are not beneficial to the people who carry out the task.He says so because the people are employed to do dangerous tasks for a very low pay.The only people that benefit from this are the businesses that organize the wood cutting. So these are the reasons why the author and the lecturer disagree with each other.
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