The local government is planning to build a library for the development of the community.Write an essay to agree with why it is a good decision

A quiet room, full of students studying, with shelves full of books lined along the wall is the first image that comes to my mind when someone mentions the word library.If my local government had to choose between building a public park, pool or a library, I think that they should build a public library. The reasons I feel so will be discussed in the following paragraphs in this essay. Firstly, a library provides an environment to study effectively .A quiet room, with everyone studying, highly motivates one to study. I still remember during my college days, I would rush to the library to study whenever I would feel demotivated. Once I reach the library, my motivation to study just increases, and I immediately opened my books and go to a state of complete focus for the next 2 hours. During that time, no matter what happened, I never looked up from my book. Secondly, a library offers a student a sea of books to read on a single topic. He or she can read that same topic from another book if not satisfied with a particular one. This reminds me of my college days again, when I could not understand a particular topic in my engineering course, called Heat Transfer that was taught in the class that very day. During the library study session after class that evening, I picked up 3 books of different authors on the topic and read it.The different ways of explanation allowed me to understand the concept from different perspectives shown by each author.This was only possible because of the library, which gave me the access to those three books at the same time. Based on the above discussions,I would hence recommend the government to build the public library as it is a great way for students to develop themselves by attaining more knowledge.After all, education is the real face of development.The more educated a community is, the more prosperous it becomes.
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