Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on specific points made in the reading passage

The reading and the lecture are both about fossils sale, and how private collectors have been buying and selling, since eighteen century. Whereas the author of the the reading states that this business is unfortunate for both scientists and the public, the professor casts doubt on the main points made in the reading by providing 3 main reasons. first of all, according to the reading, selling fossils to private collectors has a bad effect on public, because students, people who are interested in scientific exploration will not have the opportunity to see collections.However, the lecturer disputes this point. She says that this is a great way for schools and libraries to buy fossil collections and show them display, for students who don't have a possible way to see in real life.Furthermore she mentions that this great option for people who are interested in scient. Secondly, the reading states that scientists can lose access to do investigation, because wealthy fossil buyers will give a huge amount of money, in order to purchase the most rare fossil.And museums and universities cannot compete with millionaire fossil buyers Nevertheless, the professor refutes this argument. She argues that this statement is not realistic, because every fossil goes to examination pass before selling. In addition she points out that the community will not miss the opportunity to do scientific analysis. Finally, the reading claims that collectors destroy rare discovery fossil evidence. And most rich collectors are not educated,and this fact can lead to the inability to take care for the careful fieldwork. ON the other hand, the instructor believes that if there aren't commercial fossil collectors, the scientist couldn't have the possible way to do more investigation and find new discoveries. She thinks that without collectors most fossils could have been undiscovered. In conclusion, although the reading and the lecture are both about fossil sales, and private buyers, the three main points made in the reading are effectively challenged by the instructor
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