Some parents forbid young children from owning smart phones (cell phones with Internet access), while others disagree and believe that they are important tools for keeping in touch. Which point of view do you think is better, and why?

As the technology of smartphones has emerged into our daily life, I'm of the opinion that it is not possible to take away those from our young children. Nor the usage of these devices can be satisfacted without them. There are many reasons, which are followed described, that I hold this opinion. First and foremost, school work nowadays requires smartphones to access the subjects material uploaded on the teacher's website. If smartphones are prohibited for children, they will ultimately stay behind their classmates and this could yield a wide variety of mental disorders for the child. To be precise, I once had been banned to own a cellphone for a week at home when I was 13. That week, I missed the announcement about having a very important sociology exam. So, on the day of the exam when I arrived, I found myself shaking and my face covered in tears. I failed that course and never forgave my parent for it. Second, blending in plays a major role in a child's mental development and self-acceptance. By putting restrictions on possessing a cell phone, we eventually jeopardize a child's social life, since she/he would look odd, be under peer pressure, and it brings about having no conversation topics in common with the other kids. This will yield isolation in the very first days. When I was in middle school, there was this girl called Yassi. She had no kind of smart devices, even laptops to begin with. I remember it crystal clear how she was struggling to find friends. At the time, most of the girls at our school chatted about influential celebrities on social media. Fanning out was the one and only hobby they had. As a result, Yassi could only join them while pretending to be interested in someone she had never heard of, with a fake smile on her face, imitating other folks' reactions. I felt really sorry for her. To conclude, I firmly believe that as long as the smartphone's internet usage is under supervision, not just that it will absolutely be beneficial in many aspects, it won't also bring any harm owing one, and thus restriction is not a necessity. However, it is for sure a demanding job to keep parental control 24/7. Hence, it may require some additional applications installed, to ease the concerns. I think the pros of owning one outweigh the cons.
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