Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? At universities and colleges, s^ports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal financial support. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

That entertainement plays a crucial role in people's life is an undeniable fact. Should people realize the significance of side activities in their life, they will ponder over it scrupulously. In this regard, it is considered that at colleges, sports, social activities and classes could have the same place and receive the financial support. There are various schools of thought in which some of them would eye to eye with this notion, while others take issue with it. In my book, it is a judicious decision to give the same support to sports and social activities as it is done for classes and libraires, and in the ensuing lines, I will elaborate on the most outstanding and cogent grounds. The first compelling reason corroborating my stance on this subject is that devlopping sports activities will enegender a myriad of advantages. the main reason behind this rationale is that doing so will enable the college to be known in the entire country. As a result, it can set the stage for appealling more student and earn more money from sports competition, the college could compete. My personal experience drives this concept home, I still bear in mind, when I was in high school, I watched a soccer competition on televeision and and the team of one college was remarkable. I started making research on the college, and I applied for it. My thoughts were: those guys are supposed to be very intelligent but they are also good at soccer, I would like to be like them. I wanted to integrate this work hard and play hard entity. had I not watched this competition or they not good as they did, I would not have been able to know about them and not apply. All in all, we can not and should not overlook the fact that attract more student is very important for college and universities and it can bode well for their future. On the other hand, ignoring sports activities can result in unfavorable ramifications for students. This is owing to the fact that not everybody is going to be attorney, accountant or enginer, some people will be athletes, coaches or so. As a result, every student will feel free to enjoy its subject and build its paths for happiness. As a case in point, one of my soul mates was very interested by tennis but his parents wanted him to pursue and engineering degree, in case his carrier will not breakthrough as he though. They felt more secure that way. He organized this agenda to take classes in the morning and spend the whole afternoon in training. That was possible because few years before we came to college they renewed the tennis court. As reward for all his sacrifice, he won the world cup for our country and become the pride of the nation. This example reveals my point that new court of the college helped to become a champion. Long story short, it is clear as a day to me that giving less financial support to sports as classes will not pay of in a big way. To sum up, in light of the mentioned reasons, I am convinced that it an artful decision to give the same financial support to sports and social activities as just as classes and libraries. Thereby, the university can kill two birds with one stone, since not only the college will help students to be the manager of great company, but also teach the students interact in the society and be a great athletes.
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