Leaders like John F. Kennedy and Martin Lither King have made important contributions to the people of the United States. Name another world leader you think is important.

There are many of memorial people that was recognized as a world class leader. They all haave made contributions to the country and the world in many aspects such as inventing innovation, solving people problems, compromising policy to make people in the whole country happier. In my point of view, my last king- King Bhumibol Adulayadej was the valuable world class Leader to remember. He passed away many years ago but he was remained in Thai people]s hearts. there were not just him personally but the things he did to Thai people and his wise philosophy can be used since he was alive until now. First, he usually visited to many cities in Thailand to see how people go with their lives. This have helped him really know what is the problem in particular area. For example, he went to the north east of Thailand where the water insufficient was major problem. He recognized it and invented artificial rain to help people especially for argicultural aspects, so the farmers can have enough water for the farms throughout the year. Moreover, he realized that water pollutions is magnificent problem in Bangkok so he invented the Chai Pattana wheels to deliver oxigen to the river and that have solved water pollutions. Second,he is acknowledge as philosopher. He usually gave the life philosophy speech in public. For instance, the most well-known philosophy was his sufficient economy. A lot of Thai people applied this to their lives, that made them more focus in happiness rather than material. This helpful to live in such a capitalism world nowaday. In conclusion, to be a memorable leader is not easy. King Bhumipol has been one of the valuable world class leaders. He already proved by the things he has contributed to Thai society.
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