Do you agree or disagree that people spend too much money in buying clothes

Nowadays it is very common to see more people involved in fashion, and carrying out their appearance, this may be because they want to show others that the clothes and how they see is how they are, and also that they have money to buy whatever they want. First of all, people that spend too much in their appearance knew that today the first impression of them is the principal thing in the world, for the reason that is how other feels you and take you into account for different things, it also depends on what is about the event that the person is going, for example you will go to a company looking for a job and you don't have too much clothes, so, you go in an informal way and you don't got the work, but a girl that was with formal clothes got it because she has the type of clothing, she spend more money in her closet. Another important point is that normally this type of person gets into a lot of debt for the reason that they spend more than the money that they have, causing a lot of financial problems, only to show others a person that really doesn't exist, because it is not the life that that person can have or support. Also there are people that with few clothes know how to combine and save the basic things to not spend a lot on clothing. For example they use the same pants with a different t-shirt. To close, I agree, there are people that today spend a lot on their appearance, only because they want others to perceive good things about them.
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