A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your locality. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this new influence on your community. Do you support or oppose the factory establishment ?

It is irrefutable that industrialization plays an essential role in modern world. Industrial developments are important for both rural and urban areas. This eassay will discuss both pros and cons of industrialization and also provide my rational opinion in the subsequent paragraphs in an efficacious way. To begin with, installation of industries near the societies might provide the job opportunities to local people. For example, Some masses are unemployment, but they have skills and knowledge; therefore, their talents could be used in a proper way and also they might have the jobs available around their local areas. Moreover, if masses would have the jobs, eventually, their city will step forward towards the development. It also is a plus point on the account of modern technology. To demonstrate, if an industry is opened in rural locations, people could got the facilities of being working, instead of unemployment. On the other hand, industrialization cause the pollution, which is dangerous for human beings and animals of nearby areas. For instance, foggy air leads to a pollutant environment, which is not good enough for living beings. Furthermore, machinery used in industries requires full training and labourers in some specific rural areas are less educated for all the techniques. To illustrate, technical machines requires high knowledge for running them smoothly. If workers are not trained, they might hurt themselves physically. To conclude, industrialization is step towards the development of some particular area and humans. From my prospective, industrialization is significant in the era of modern technology. It is needed not only for local development of some city but also for the mental development of people.
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