Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A mother is more essential to a child’s upbringing than a father. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Since the revolution of women, the debate around the figure of a child's upbringing has been a common issue in families. In my opinion, a mother is more essential in this aspect of life for two reasons. In this essay, I am going to expose the two of them. First of all, mums have been raising and taking care of the education of their children since the beginning of the times. In the past, the father was the one only that could work so, it was obviously important in order to maintain the family. Consequently, they did not spend much time with their kids giving all the hard job to the mother. For example, when my mum was a child, my grandmother did not have a job. She was at home. However, nowadays this has changed and some mothers want to continue their work journal. Some studies exposed that this behavior destroys the growth of children, creating several problems with their personality in the future. As I said before, my grandmother took care of my mum and, also, me. This was because my mother had to work to maintain our economy. If I had not been raised by my grandmother, I would have independent issues that I do not have now. Second, the bond created between a mother and her son during the 9 months before the birth is a clear reason of why mothers are essential to a child’s upbringing. A father, althought you could have a great relationship with him, did not have you for 9 months in his body. For instante, one day I was feeling really sick. I was not able to speak because I was small and I only cried for hours. When my mother came from work, she took me and, without doubt, she knew that something was going on. This is an example of how, without communication, mothers have a sixth sense with their own kids. All in all, I truly believe that mothers can raise children more efficiently than fathers. I feel this way for the two reasons that I have explained. Mother and child have a unique and unbreakable bond and they, I do not know if we have it in our genes, have been taking care of their families for centuries.
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