Do you agree of disagree with the following statements? which you would prefer to travel outside or within country. Use specific reasons and examples in your answer.

When it comes to the question of whether it's more beneficial to travel internationally or domestically, everyone will have their own answer given their individual characteristics such as their needs, interests, and budget. From my perspective, given the same amount of travel time and budget, I deem I can benefit more from traveling in my own countries. I will detail my reasoning as follows. The most critical reason is time. As a traveler, I would prefer to spend more time exploring my destination rather than getting stuck at the security checkpoint, sitting in the airplane, and waiting in a long queue at the custom, which is often associated with international travel. For example, if I have a week of vacation, instead of spending 2 days on the way, I could choose a destination that may only take me a couple of hours to get there which means I have 1 more extra vacation day. Secondly, more time at the destination enables me to explore and interact with the people and surroundings more. I personally prefer a more in-depth traveling experience than a superficial glance at tourist attractions. An international trip is often meticulously organized because of the language barriers. In comparison, as I travel in my own country, I can freely tour around my destination, chat with local people, enjoy the street food which makes the trip a lot more interesting. Lastly, international travel can cost travelers significantly more compared to a domestic one. Admittedly, the cost of a trip is often determined by personal choice and preference but a lot of fees, such as visa and currency exchange, are often inevitable. In addition, saving money in another unknown country can be a lot more challenging. In all, despite the fact that international travel may leave me with n exciting memory, as a traveler I feel I benefit more from traveling within the country when considering time, money and travel experience.
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