It is more important for students to study history and literature than it is for them to study science and mathematics

Many people believe that students should give more attention to the subjects of history and literature rather than mathematic or science. I personally disagree with the statement, as I believe that all subjects that are taught in school are important and the following paragraphs will explain some of the reasons in detail. Firstly, it is a fact that all subjects that are delivered at school are important. All the subjects that are thought in school will be useful for students when they grow up, even though each student will be specialized in some specific subject. For example, although a student might become a history teacher in the future, it is essential for him/ her to learn about mathematic and economics as well. Since as a teacher, he/ she will be given other tasks besides tutoring such as preparing the expenditure budget of his class for one year and that require some accounting and calculation skills. Secondly, it is obvious that all individuals have their own different talents. Some students may have a personal interest in studying English literature while others might have a passion for learning physical science. And if the school only focuses on studying two or three particular subjects such as literature or history, then it would be unfair for students who have a passion for mathematic or science. In conclusion, I do not agree that school should emphasize more on the subjects of history and literature than mathematics or science. I do believe that schools should teach each of the subjects proportionately since all of the subjects are beneficial for the students. Besides that, each of the students has his own different talent, therefore school cannot enforce students to focus on studying some specific subject only.
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