At universities and colleges sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive the same financial support. Agree or disagree?

Physical and social activities at universities and colleges should have the same significance as classes and libraries and for this they should gain the same financial support. Personally, I strongly agree and support this because I feel like it has great advantages. I feel this way for two reasons which I will examine in this essay. First of all sport and social activities maintain people’s health. Obviously, with supporting this students will become healthier and will be filled with both energy and beautiful emotions. In other words sport is not only about being healthy but it is also about gaining energy for mental works. This is best demonstrated by my personal experience. During my whole life I was fanatically engaged in sport and honestly, my energy was that much that I could not even imagine where to use it. However, recently I noticed that I am always tired and without energy and when I started to think why is it like that, I realised that it is almost five months that I do not include gym in my life. As a result I came up with the mind that without sport I cannot do other things as good as I do with it. My second reason is that sport and social activities should have the opportunity to boost. What I mean with saying promoting that field is the creation of sport events and interesting competitions. Evidentially, this will put creativity and enthusiasm to students’ studying routine and will fill it with all the positive flavours they need. For confirming this, I would like to bring forward the example of my sister. The first year of her studying years was pretty bothersome because it did not include all the stuff that I mentioned above. Then the university staff gathered to think what they can change for making students more enthusiastic and they decided to involve activities in all of university programs. Thus, students started to be really engaged in it and their education became more attractive. In conclusion, I strongly support the mind that sport and social activities should have the same financial support. It will be beneficial because in that case students will become healthier and one more field will be developed.
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