Traveling to other countries is a way for people to take time away from their daily worries. While visiting a foreign country, some people like to go to the tourist attractions while others prefer going to quiet places where they can truly enjoy the country’s culture. Which do you prefer and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Traveling abroad is an actually amazing thing, it provides us lots of refreshments along with chances of enhancing knowledge of diverse culture and environment. Personally, I love to travel tourist attractions rather than quiet place while I visit foreign country. I feel this ay for two main reasons, which I will present in the following paragraphs. To begin with, It helps us to make new friends, since friends are great things in our life. They help us to overcome our difficulties. When we travel foreign places at that time we would make new friends if we go to the tourist attraction because many people want to visit tourist hub . In fact, most of the tourist fascinated with spectacular natural landscapes or great historical monuments, so everyone wants to roam over there. If you want to make many friends from diverse place, you would go to the famous tourist destination because you can find many people from various places there. I have a compelling example from my real-life experience. Last year, I had visited India's Taj Mahal, which is the epitome of ancient architecture. At that time I found many people throughout world, and I got chance of making 5 new friends from different continents, and still we are in contact. Thus, it is crucial to visit famous trust place to make new friends. Secondly, It helps to enhance more knowledge of history as well as nature, since the visitors choice is always wonderful places related with natural beauty or cultural beauty. When a person visits another country;s famous places like museums and lakes and cascades, they could gather some precious information beyond these places. If you visit a museum of foreign country, you definitely get some history of that country, which helps to enhance your knowledge about that place and its past. For instance, when I had visited Taj mahal I got lots of history of Indian arts, why they are fascinated to build such a spectacular piece of place. Now, I became more confident about history of arts because of that visit, and also it changes my view towards the arts. Therefore, we should visit tourists center during foreign travel, It gives you chance to understanding the beauty of art and nature. In conclusion, I believe that by visiting tourists attraction, we could get diverse knowledge of other cultures and natural environments, and It provides us a great opportunity of making friends from all over the earth.
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