Everyone experiences being a leader at some point in their life. However, not everyone is good at leading others. What do you think are the qualities of a good leader? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Some people are born to be leaders. These people have an inherent sense of leadership inside their minds and are able to obtain the trust of others. When the qualities and characteristics of such people are studied carefully, there are some factors that can be found commonly in successful leaders. In my opinion, the two qualities that are present in every good leader are humility and passion. To begin with, a good leader is always humble. Humility means when a person acknowledges their weaknesses, rather than being proud and arrogant. An arrogant individual would never be able to be a good leader because he would not care about other people's opinions. On the other hand, people who are humble think about others before themselves. I personally had an experience with a leader who was arrogant. During a group project in high school, I was teamed up with a senior and three other classmates. The senior was very arrogant and gave us a hard time by ignoring our opinions and preferences and doing the project as his heart pleased. Ultimately, this lowered our motivation, and we were not able to do our best on the project. Due to this, our group was not able to get a high grade. This experience led me to believe that arrogance is a factor that can severely damage the group, especially when it is the leader who is arrogant. If the senior was humble and had listened to our opinions more, I am sure that the outcome would have been better. Another quality that must be present in a good leader is passion. If the leader is not passionate about his goals, then the other members would not be passionate as well. It is the duty of the leader to motivate those who are being led, and this is not possible if the leader lacks passion. I recently had a great experience with a leader who was passionate. While being in a volunteer club, I was able to learn a lot about being a good leader from the club's leader. He would use his personal experiences to emphasize the things that he learned from volunteering. When he was talking, everyone in the room could feel his passion for volunteering, and this motivated us to volunteer more and try to become like him. Due to my life experiences, I believe that the two most important characteristics of being a leader are humility and passion.
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