Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live?

The reading and the lecture are both about How ancient lifted huge building materials to construct the pyramid. The author of the reading presents three theories on this but the lecturer disputes this. First of all, the author suggests that they might use pulleys and leverages, since many types of ramps were proposed there which were large and straight as well as spiraling ramps, this help to make work effectively and accurately. The lecturer casts doubt this statement. He points that these pullies and ramps were not useful there, since the material was too large, and it makes too much burdensome because of safety issues particularly on the corners of the pyramid. Secondly, the writer believes that the material would have transported by spiraling ropes, which is shown by the computer simulation . Furthermore, he claims that the notches were there on every corner that helps to change the direction easily. The lecturer disputes this arguments. He raises the point that it is possible only computer simulation since, there were not uses such ramps. Also, he elaborates on this by saying that there was not no ramp existed. Finally, the author suggests the limestone theory, in which they would have mold that mixed limestone at the beginning after that they mixed extra material then they dry those materials. The lecturer, on the other hand, argues on this by bringing the point that there is doubt how they made face of the pyramid if they used such method. He notes that the blocks were flat and equal in size, which was much complex task. Finally, he points that it is not possible to make such hard one y using limestone.
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