In some countries, high school or college student have jobs( agree or disagree)

Even though there is a popular agreement that high school or college students should not have jobs, I strongly believe that high school or college students should have jobs. The basis of my opinion is educational and social perspectives. Educationally, working while students are in high school or college definitely helps students to grow smarter and improve their learning skills. When students work with experienced people, they will have a big chance to absorb a sea of knowledge since they will discuss any array of topics. Along with this, working with experienced people allows them to use strategic planning and thinking and enhance them as well. Furthermore, when this happens, they will be able to boost their imagination and creativity as well as their focus and attention. Indeed, if high school or college students worked with expert people, they would be able to improve their mental abilities and performance. As a result, eductionally, working with expert people is directly related to highly intelligent people. From a social standpoint, having jobs while students are still in school could help students to improve their communication skills. Within a social framework, dealing with people who have different cultures and perspectives enables students to come in contact with people from diverse backgrounds, which in turn enables them to gather a variety of viewpoints. Moreover, interacting with people aids students to share their emotions and feelings, so they will be able to strengthen bonds among other people. In other words, if students worked while they were in school, they would be able to expand their social circle. Therefore, socially, high school or college students having jobs has a positive impact on students' interpersonal skills. In conclusion, for all the reasons stated above, I encourage all students to work while they are in school. If they do this, they will discover for themselves that having jobs while they are in college or high school has a countless number of educational and social benefits
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