Some people prefer to focus on ambitious dreams while others think realistic goals are more important. which do you prefer and why?

Even though there is an important question is which one of the two, ambitious dreams or realistic goals would be more worth pursuing in our lives. I have a different opinion. I strongly believe that people should dream thing that gives meant to the life without which life would be boring. The basis of my opinion is educational and social perspective. Educationally, ambitious goals help people grow smarter. When people aiming at ambitious goals could help them to achieve something beyond their ability and they would have a big chance to absorb to a sea of knowledge because they would discuss an array of topics. Along with this, if the Thomas Alva Edison was an American inventor had given up his dream of inventing a new source of energy Light bulb providing light to world allows him to use his strategic planning and thinking and it enhance the world as well . Furthermore, ambitious goals will be able to boost people’s imagination and creativity as well as their focus and attention. Indeed, if people focus on their ambitious goals, they would be able to improve their mental abilities and performance. As a result, educationally, focus on ambitious dreams in the life are like fuel for an engine. They give us the motivation to going ahead in life, putting aside all the barriers to come to us, and directly related to brilliant decisions makers. From social standpoint focus on ambitious dreams can motivate human to explore things beyond imagination and help people to improve their communication skills which eventually benefits for them. The invention of social media such as Facebook, twitter, and Instagram allows people to help from diverse background, which in turn enables them to gather a variety of viewpoints. Moreover, focus on ambitious dreams aids people share their emotion and feelings, so they will be able to strengthen bonds among other people. I should clarify the point by compelling example of my own experience. I majored in Engineering at university but due to some conditions in our country I did not get a good job later due to my communication skills and talent in performing my life change to become a film Actor. In other words, if people focus on communication skills, they would be able to expand their social circle. Therefore, socially focus on ambitious dreams has a positive impact on people’s interpersonal skills. In conclusion, for all the reason stated above, I encourage all people to focus on ambitious dreams. If they do this, then they will discover for themselves that chasing dreams even if they seem impossible at first but later it causes dramatic progress in human beings. It helps us discover our capabilities, enjoying our desire lives and had a countless number of educational and social benefits.
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