t is better to have broad knowledge of many academic subjects than to specialize in one specific subject

Education plays an important role in human life. Thus, some people prefer to study different subjects to get a variety of knowledge. However, many individuals decide to spend more time learning just one subject to have a deeper understanding. In my view, it is much better to specialize in one subject rather than to study diverse academic subjects for some reasons. To begin with, one obtains a deeper understanding of one subject. Thus, a person is able to grasp more knowledge and details by focusing on one area. Because students have more time for a single subject, they are able to study the details. For example, in my last year of the university as a Veterinary, I decided to specialize in small species rather than wasting time learning about large animals. I absorbed more knowledge in dogs and cats than any of my classmates who was taking a variety of subjects. In one of the classes, the professor asked about the normal temperature in dogs. Any of the students knew, but I did know the answer. I was able to know more because I spent more time studying those species. Specializing in a single subject enables students to study all the aspects involved in the subject. In addition to having a deeper knowledge, learners also remember the information easily. Since they do not concentrate on reading useless information, the data last longer in the memory. Moreover, students also feel more motivated when studying a single subject, so they focus more on building up a large vocabulary related to the subject. For instance, a lawyer will want to study all the terminology related to his field. However, he will feel discouraged when studying mathematics formulas because he knows that information does not belong to his field. Having motivation and remembering concepts makes the specialization of material much interesting for people. However, one of the drawbacks of this method is that people have fewer subjects to add to the resume. Nowadays companies are looking for employees with multitasking skills and knowledge. Therefore, labor who studies just math will have some deficiencies in writing essays, emails, and letters. As a result, a company won't want to hire him due to his lack of knowledge. To sum up, studying a single subject has a lot of advantages. On one hand, students have deeper knowledge and feel more motivated to learn. Furthermore, one also recalls information faster and more effectively. On the other hand, they have poor resumes, which can traduce in lacking skills.
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