Your city is trying to construct a new building in order to attract more tourists. Which do you think would be the best tourist attraction? A historical museum A shopping mall An indoor amusement park Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Make sure to use your own words. Do not use memorized examples.

Tourism is a significant economic factor in some places. If my city was planning on building something new to attract tourists, I would personally prefer a historical museum. This is because most tourists are attracted to a place by two main factors: historical meaning and architectural beauty. A historical museum is able to fulfill all of the needs of tourists by having both historical significance and architectural beauty. To begin with, it is preferable to build a historical foundation because it can attract the most number of tourists. Many of the world-famous tourist attractions consist of locations that have historical meaning. This is because such attractions reflect the culture of their country, and the main purpose of tourism for most tourists is to learn about new cultures of different locations. For example, the Louvre building, located in Paris, France, attracts thousands of tourists every year due to its historical meaning as well as its architectural elegance. The building has countless meaningful paintings of famous past painters and is also famous for the famous glass pyramid. If my city were to build a historical building, it would be able to attract more tourists than building an amusement park or a shopping mall since they do not have any historical implication. Furthermore, even without the historical meaning, museums have sense in the architecture of the building. Some tourists may visit museums with the sole purpose of admiring the building. For example, Egyptian pyramids, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, are very popular even though people cannot enter inside them, which means they are a popular tourist attraction just because of the architecture. Therefore, if a historical hall is built with amazing architecture, it will attract a large number of tourists to our city. For example, recently, a new historical foundation was built in our neighboring city. It is a war gallery built in the form of a fighter jet that includes lots of information about the war that happened in that city. It gained huge popularity among people and many tourists, including the locals and foreigners, visit the city to see the building. In conclusion, I believe that constructing a foundation is the best option to attract more tourists because historical museums are able to attract tourists with not only their historical significance but also their architectural charm.
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