Your city is trying to construct a new building in order to attract more tourists. Which do you think would be the best tourist attraction? A historical museum A shopping mall An indoor amusement park Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Make sure to use your own words. Do not use memorized examples.

Every city should have some historical monuments, and amusement parks, as well as spectacular shopping malls since these, are an integral part of our daily life. Personally, I believe a historical museum is more convenient in my city because a museum reveals our ancestor's courageousness and boldness, also it attracts tourists which helps to enhance the economic status of people nearby city. To begin with, a historical museum shows our ancestor's bravery and hardworking, which inspires us to do a better job for our society along with humanity. Our ancestors are brave people who fought with various rivals throughout the world. They never horrified to do their right duty and they had not to step back from justice. If our city built a historical landmark, our generation, as well as all people, will see our past generations' ethics and contributions to humanity. When we see various artifacts of our primitive people we would get encouragement to do some good things that will be the legacy for the upcoming generation. I have my personal experience of visiting my country's capital building. When I was in school, We had gone to visit a historical foundation situated in the capital of Nepal. I had seen lots of artifacts and their medals along with written letters that inspired me and I joined the army to help people, who are helpless, voiceless,and apart from the privileged class. So, I am now doing a great job to secure humanity. If I had not gone to visit the foundation, I would not have indulged in social service. Thus, a historical gallery could provide us much inspiration and it motivates us to do our duty perfectly, so it is perfect for my city. Secondly, a spectacular historical monument definitely attracts many visitors and tourists, they would spend money in our city through which citizens income rises. We know that when we build a historical landmark at that time we also make some other infrastructure at that time our citizens get an opportunity to do work. After completion of that historical building, many scholars, tourists from foreign would come to see and to do some research. From this activities,the income source of our city will be expanded, and we will be prosperous. For example, our neighbor city builds a historical building 5 years ago, then they have been attracting more visitors and they have been increasing the source of income. So, they are now economically prosperous. They added many amenities to the city, so this city is one of the modal city of our country. Thus, a historical monument increases the prosperity of citizens that's why it is necessary to build in my town. In conclusion, a historical building does not contain only artifacts of previous generations, it consists of their thought, art, bravery,and lots of inspirations, and also it brings prosperity to the people of city. Therefore, a historical monument is crucial to building in my city.
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