People in society work in many different settings, and for a variety of reasons. What do you think is the main reason why people have jobs? - to save money for the future, - to develop new skills

Both the reading passage and the lecture discuss three theories regarding the real identity of William Shakespeare. The reading passage mentions three people who could have used the fake name of William Shakespeare, while the lecture contradicts the reading passage on all three points. First, the reading passage talks about the possibility of Francis Bacon being the one behind the name of Shakespeare. This is because both of them support the legal references that appear in Shakespeare's works. However, the lecturer refutes this claim by stating that although the two people shared the same legal ideas, both had contradicting ideas on other academic grounds, especially astronomy. Since Shakespeare's works did not follow the mainstream scientific beliefs, his astronomical ideas significantly differed from Bacon's. Second, the reading passage talks about Christopher Marlowe as the second candidate. According to the reading passage, Marlowe fakes his death to escape from religious trials and uses Shakespeare's name to release his work. The lecturer argues against this by asserting that Marlowe's death had nothing to do with Shakespeare. Since some of Marlowe's works were published under his own name after his death, it makes no sense as Marlowe would have no reason to use a different name. The final theory in the reading is about Edward de Vere, an English nobleman who might have used Shakespeare's name to gain credit publicly. The lecturer opposes this theory by stating that Vere could not have used Shakespeare's name since he died before some of Shakespeare's works like Macbeth were revised and published. Even if someone had given the work to a publisher, there is no way that the publisher would have known how to revise and publish the work. In conclusion, while the reading passage introduces three different candidates who might have used the name of William Shakespeare, the lecturer refutes all of the theories.
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