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The reading passage and the lecture both are about the existence of Shakespeare. The author of the reading presents three ideas that support Shakespeare did not exist but the lecturer disputes this ideas. First of all, the author claims that a famous scientist and philosopher of 16th century Francis bacon, might have convicted appears in Shakespeare's writing. In the article, some of the poems suggest the legal ideas of Francis Bacon which were also strengthen writings. The lecturer casts doubt on this statement. he raises the point that certain portions would have matched but the two claims mentioned in the article do not match. Secondly, the author believes that Christopher Marlowe who was contemporary of Shakespeare wrote literature. Moreover, he mentions that the death of Marlowe would have bogus, since he had convicted in religious trials then he might have used name Shakespeare. The lecturer, on the other hand, denies this argument. He raises the point that Marlowe could not have religious criminals, and Shakespeare had many publications. Finally, the writer in the passage argues that Edward; one of the writers of the 16th century might have changed name of Shakespeare,since his publication was not exposed to private audience, so he could not get credits of writings. The lecturer, however, rebuts this suggestion. He presents the idea that Edward died before all the publication of Shakespeare. Moreover, he notes that Shakespeares' publication had revised in 1621 but Edward died 1608.So it is impossible to edit without author that's why it is fake.
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