Plastic bags are terrible for the environment. They should be banned everywhere.

We know that everything has its both aspects: positive nad negative. But the plastic bags has not any positive aspects in the context of the environment. Personally, I believe that plastic bags are horrible for our surroundings and we should stop to use it. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following paragraphs. To begin with, Plastic bags are non-degradable so it exists long term in our earth. We can see over many places there are huge pile of plastic durbis, which makes our beautiful enivornment ugly. Plastics could not degrade for long period of time and it makes soil less fertile and even if we burn it it produces lots of carbondioxide which makes adverse effect in our health along with surroundings. If we eat plastics unfortunately wthout knowing, It would create cancer disease. Plastics has a terrific adverse effect to our Earth. If we use it without concerning, one day the earth would be worse place to live due to it's pernicious effect. Therefore, it is better to avoid plastics, it is non-biodegradable and remains long time making adverse effect to our environment. Secondly, It damages the fertility of land and has adverse effects on living organism health. We know that we could not destory plastics if it was thrown over field we could not produce sufficient cereals because it decreases the productivity of land. Furthermore, It brings other many diseases that makes really horrible situation to save our corps and fruits. Plastics decreases the immune system of living organisms, so living organism could face some fiasco health failure. Finally, it decreases our natures prosperity in each and every aspect so it will convenient to ban of it's use fore-ever. In conclusion, the plastics cause huge problems in our nature and it decreases the productivity of the living organisms as well as it makes our pristine environment to unattractive one. Moreover, it reduces animals and plants health immune system that's why we may get many disease
Submitted by Hari Prasad Adhikari on
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