When you face a difficult problem in life, what do you feel is the best way to solve it?

The reading passage and the lecturer both describe the simulated meats, which made from vegetables. The author of the reading believes that it has three main advantages to the people than that of original meat but the lecturer is against it. first of all, the author says that simulated meat is good for environment, since livestock needs lots of natural resources, and they need huge area for grazing so deforestation occurs. The lecturer casts doubt on this point. He raises the point that there is also huge waste of natural resources to produce cereals. Furthermore, he mentions rainforests decrease because it needs more lands to cultivate crops. Secondly, the author claims that it is healthier because it consists of ore healthy components than meat. Also, it has higher fiber and healthy carbohydrates. The lecturer, on the other hand, denies the statement made by author. He raises the point that it consists less number of nutrient and also consists higher proportion of chemical which is not beneficial for our health. Fi
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