It has recently been announced that a new restaurant may be built in your neighborhood. Do you support or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Restaurants are the places in which people consume many kinds of dishes by paying money. Therefore, they have several advantages and disadvantages of their new constructions. Some people might disagree with the idea because their town will be noisier than before. I, however, am in consensus with the plan. Firstly, more chances will be given for people to be hired. Secondly, people can eat up nutrition to focus on their tasks. To begin with, job opportunities can be provided to jobless in the town. My town is in the countryside. Specifically, careers are unstable in local towns. The researchers at the career laboratory observed one local site over the course of ten years. In the early phase of the experience, the village had a terrible economical problem as such jobless polarized inflation. The researchers had built many kinds of amenities in the town as such restaurants and markets. Subsequently, people who have lost their jobs were hired to the newly built facilities sequentially. Therefore, the jobless problem which was one of the grave problems in the town was alleviated progressively. In ten years, which is the duration of the experiment. The village which had severe economic issues were relieved surprisingly from the problems. This experience shows that newly built restaurants in such poor towns are likely to not only hire jobless but also shoot up the economy. Last but not the least, people are enabled to consume energy by having not only balanced but also a proper meal at restaurants. There are many people who cannot prepare their meals on account of their busy lives. They definitely need to have a proper meal to work. However, my village has a few restaurants. For example, I work for a trading company which is placed far away from my village. Therefore, to work with sincerity and patience, I need to get some food. I would have bought some food from the restaurant near my house however, the restaurant discontinued their business. Therefore, as I lack time to prepare my breakfast, I skipped my meals for three months since the shutdown of the restaurant. As might be expected, being hungry, I was completely distracted from either my work or the chief’s announcement of note. My example shows that I need a newly built restaurant badly to have a proper meal to complete my works. To summarize, I completely welcome the decision of a new building restaurant. The new restaurant will not only allow people to become hired but also get the energy to do their works.
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