Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Dinosaurs are endotherms in polar conditions, have legs that can support this claim

The reading passage and the lecture both are discussing the going green project. The author of the reading believes that there are three advantages of it but the lecturer disputes this claim. First of all, the author suggests that it is good for our environment, since it helps to decrease waste, and it would return back that pristine environment as before industrial era. The lecturer casts doubts on this point. He raises the point that it is hard to recover because it is not possible by individual effort. Also, he indicates that it could be needed combined effort of thousands of companies throughout the world, and they should convenience about it. Secondly, the author feels that it helps to augment the profit of companies because one report shows that consumers fascinated by eco-friendly products as well as company. Furthermore, he says that going green companies gain the trust of consumers and they would sell many products. The lecturer denies the claim made by the author. He points that the cost of eco-friendly products would be high. He presents the example of coffee shop that uses eco-friendly paper cup could have high price than that which uses plastic cup. Finally, the author argues that it cut down the cost and helps to save money. He provides the example of solar, which reduces the cost of electricity that might increase day by day. The lecturer, on the other hand, contradicts by stating the point the going green products' price definitely high. Moreover, he points out that the installation cost of solar panels is higher than that of other electricity, and they need frequent maintenance. So, it would not help to save money.
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