Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Television advertising directed towards young children (aged two to five) should not be allowed. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

The reading and the lecture both are about avocados. The author of the reading believes that there are mainly there benefits of using avocados. However, the lecturer rebuts these claims one by one by providing three reasons. First of all, the author suggests that it contains various nutrients and vitamins, which helps to decrease blood pressure. Also, he says that it contains folic acid that helps minimize blood pressure. The lecturer rebuts this claim. He is of the opinion that avocados consist high amount of fats that increase body weight, due to bodyweight the blood pressure increased. Also, he mentions that one avocado contains twenty-nine grams of fats which is similar to 300 grams of calories. Secondly, the author argues that avocados are suitable for pregnant women because it has folic acid that helps to prevent miscarriage of child along with help to minimize risk of neural tube defects. In contrast, the lecturer contends on this point. He suggests that avocados are detrimental to pregnant women. He states that it reduces the efficiency of the milk-producing glands in women. Furthermore, it reduces milk glands. Finally, the writer posits that its taste is similar to the meat. Moreover, he contends that people use avocados instead of meat which is cheaper than meat. The author, on the other hand, posits the avocados need much more water to grow. He notes that due to many uses of natural resources it becomes much more expensive than meat. He puts forth the idea that it is much expensive than meat. In conclusion, the lecture and article both about avocados. The lecturer effectively challenges the claim made in the article.
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