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The reading passage and the lecture both are about dinosaurs. The author of the reading believes that the modern birds are evolved from the dinosaur, and they might have contained feathers like modern birds but the lecturer disputes his claim. First of all, the author suggests that they are descendants of modern birds, since birds cover some of their body with feathers. Also, some fossil records show that is true, thus dinosaurs also had feathers. The lecturer casts doubt on this point. He says that all dinosaurs would not have feathers and some plant-eating dinosaurs could not have a connection to modern birds. Furthermore, he points that only some species might have some feather like theorapots ,and these were the descendants of modern birds. Secondly, the author claims that the fossil evidence shows that they could have feathers, since the size of fossils varies from small to large which might be related to both predators as well as prey animals. The lecturer, however, denies this argument. He mentions that it is not necessary all would have feather, since some have only bumpy skin, and they might not have feather. Finally, the author presents the idea that they need feathers to control the heat inside their body like modern birds. Moreover, he puts the idea that feathers help to trap heat from sunlight. The lecturer, on the other hand, contradicts this by raising the point that dinosaurs were gigantothermy so their internal body temperature would not depend on the daily temperature like a large sea turtle. Also, he notes that they need long period of time to change their body temperature. So, they might not have feather.
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